A day in Santiago…

The day started early with a trip to the Pilgrim’s office to get their compostelas. They were happy they had registered the night before and cut down the processing time. Everything was well run and organized.

Afterward they visited the cathedral’s museum and got just a couple of photos before being told “no photo”. Oops.

Information said that there was an 11:00 service. It was very crowded, but they found some seats. And waited and waited. No service, but did get some good photos.

Time for some sightseeing, eating, and shopping…

This shared meal of grilled meats with delicious chimichurri sauce, salad, fries, bread, and drinks was 23 euros! Tomorrow they take a taxi to the train station to travel onto Madrid, where an Airbnb apartment awaits them. Taylor and I will join them Tuesday morning for more Spanish adventures.

This is the last blog post of Glenn’s amazing camino. We hope you enjoyed traveling along with him. And we so appreciated all your encouragement and prayers!

Buen camino, friends!

6 responses to “A day in Santiago…”

  1. Safe travels for the rest of your adventures!!


  2. Sara Zimmerly Avatar
    Sara Zimmerly

    Thank you for taking us along with you Glenn! I truly loved filling your progress! Congratulations:)


  3. Jeanne Hancock Avatar
    Jeanne Hancock

    We really enjoyed following Glenn’s Camino experience! Praying for safe travels and wonderful Spanish adventures for you, Glenn, Sara, and Taylor!
    Jim & Jeanne


  4. Laurie Roeder Avatar
    Laurie Roeder

    Praise God for a safely completed Camino!
    May God bless you and each person with whom you came into contact.
    May your Christian witness be effective.
    With continued prayers,


  5. Cathy & Jim Metts Avatar
    Cathy & Jim Metts

    Kudos to you for taking on this amazing trip! We are praying for your family as you gather on Tuesday for more adventure! Love, Cathy & Jim


  6. Great job Lynda Sara and Glen


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