Arco/O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela…

The emotional moment when Glenn entered through the tunnel into the cathedral plaza. Bagpipes greeting them!

Yeah! First off, Sara and Glenn made it to Santiago with a shorter 12 mile journey today. Fairly flat and a few sprinkles. Noticeably cooler temps. They did wonder at the planes flying overhead at one point as they walked in the hills and came across a busy airport that had tour buses pulling in. The trail and town are packed with people…walking, on horseback, and bikes. Many big groups.

In front of the famed cathedral. Glenn said it was a very emotional moment for him as he arrived here.

This cathedral is the climax to this pilgrimage for many people. It started back centuries ago when the bones of the disciple, Saint James, were brought and house here. After Sara and Glenn go to the Pilgrim’s office early tomorrow morning to receive their ‘compostela’ or certificate of completing the camino, they hope to attend the English service at 10:00 am. Currently, between 1,700- 2,000 pilgrims arrive each day.

So proud of you both! They were glad that their albergue for the next two nights is off the beaten path and is very quiet. Rest well tonight. Tomorrow is a busy day.

These next photos showed up after this blog post was written. They show a bit more of Santiago.

Big appetite after a 12 mile day!

6 responses to “Arco/O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela…”

  1. Glad Glenn completed the long trek.
    How far did Sara walk?
    I know you will be excited to join them soon.
    May God grant you all His traveling mercies!


    1. Hi, Laurie! Yes, a great accomplishment! Sara joined him in Sarria and walked the last 100 kilometers with him. I’ll join them in Madrid on Tuesday for a joyous reunion!


  2. Kathryn Carson Avatar
    Kathryn Carson

    Congratulations to both of you!


  3. Karen Waldrop Avatar
    Karen Waldrop

    What a wonderful accomplishment! And, how special for you and Sara to walk together.


  4. Larry and Jean Avatar
    Larry and Jean

    Did you both place your hand on the special stone when you arrived at the cathedral? What a wonderful accomplishment! Thanks for sharing it with us
    Larry and Jean


  5. Jim Reisweber Avatar
    Jim Reisweber

    Congratulations to them both!


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