Ribadiso to Arco aka O Pedrozo…

Okay, a quick note about the Arco/ O Pedrozo double name thing…Glenn said he was told it was strictly a political controversy. Some say that Pedrozo is just a name of a street in the town.

The day start with the heat and 80% humidity, making for discomfort in the journey. But ended in a bit of rain. They were glad to hear that tomorrow would cool down to the low 70’s. Yeah!!

They met Tamar from Israel. Sara enjoyed walking a good part of the day with her.
The Bottle House, a beer garden, with disappointed travelers. It was closed.
Fragrant wisteria.
Accommodation for tonight. Laundry facility and a common kitchen available for peregrinos’ use.

Sara and Glenn enjoyed a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant…a pork plate and a salad with Brie and prawns. Tomorrow is a relatively short walk to their final destination of Santiago de Compostela of just 12 miles. Buen camino!!

2 responses to “Ribadiso to Arco aka O Pedrozo…”

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure with us! I really enjoyed the photos.


  2. Cathy & Jim Metts Avatar
    Cathy & Jim Metts

    Buen Camino, indeed! We have so enjoyed being invited to travel with you through these photos. We look forward to seeing you in person over a cold one at a bottle store that’s open for business (along with pizza!) Love & prayers, Cathy & Jim


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