Palas de Rei to Ribadiso…

Today was another very hot and very humid day of walking…from 7:30am to 3:30pm. Some shade and cloud cover made parts more bearable. This followed an hour of loud thunder, lightening, and rain as they were settling down to sleep last night. The 16 plus miles had more up and down hill paths. They were grateful to have been able to have their packs transported and made the journey more enjoyable. Still arriving exhausted at Ribadiso.

The region of Galacia is tree-filled and so green.
Sara has a new addition to her attire today…a knee brace purchased at a pharmacy yesterday. Her knee has become very painful. The brace helped a great deal today.
The delightful garden of an albergue they passed.
A bridge into Melide with a stop for lunch.
A refresher in the heat of the day. Sara had another toasted cheese sandwich, while Glenn enjoyed 9 crispy chicken wings that were the size of pigeon wings.
Tonight’s accommodation is Albergue Las Caminantes.

The next two days are shorter walks, less than 15 miles, They are excited to arrive in Santiago very soon!

Buen camino, Sara and Glenn! You’re almost there!

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