Sarria to Portomarín…

After a good breakfast at the albergue, Sara and Glenn started their 13 mile walk to Portomarín. Again, more than expected uphill climbs and down hill slopes. Hard on the knees. The blessed morning fog lifted to another day of high temperatures, as well. Good while it lasted.

What ???! Sara has a team??? Or does someone love her???
Lots and lots more people on this part of the camino. Many just do the last 100 kilometers. A group of 50 high school kids passed them at one point.
Lunch is always better with sangria in your hand and a cat at your feet.
Bridge into Portomarín over the Rio Miño.

They got a bit confused when their reserved hotel wasn’t on the map. After a quick phone call, someone came and picked them up. It’s a little off the camino, but they were promised a ride in the morning back to where they left off. Sweet!

A delicious dinner of ribs, fries, salad, and bread to share. Glenn said that they almost polished off all 17 ribs.

Sara said the report on the TV news was for 40 degrees Celcius. That’s 104! They plan to ship their packs tomorrow to lighten the load.

Buen camino, Sara and Glenn!

One response to “Sarria to Portomarín…”

  1. The bread is something I could live on….just add cheese and a glass of rojo!
    Blessings as your journey continues!!!


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