Sarria rest…

After a great night’s sleep, Sara and Glenn set out to explore Sarria a bit and take care of some chores. Laundry done. Trip to an outdoor equipment store to buy a hiking pole for Sara, replacement tips for Glenn’s poles and a shady hat. Pilgrim’s passport for Sara. Food. Ice cream.

While Glenn waited for the laundry to finish, Sara went to the Pilgrim’s office and purchased her passport. They then enjoyed a toasted tuna sandwich for lunch.

Came across this popular bakery, hidden down a long passageway at the back of another shop. What caught their attention was the steady stream of people going down the hallway empty-handed, then others returning with bags in their hands. Hmmm…
Sara’s first two stamps! And some souvenirs.
Glenn said that these little plastic hands were given to them at the hotel. Pilgrims are meant to have one in their hand when greeting someone on the camino. Passing the greeting for a Buen Camino along.

Tomorrow morning, they start on their way…the last 100 kilometers to Santiago.

3 responses to “Sarria rest…”

  1. So awesome to see Sara have a safe trip and join up with Glenn!! Wishing you both a safe trip onto Santiago!! Truly an experience of a lifetime!!!


    Jim Hancock

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  2. Carole Fanning Avatar
    Carole Fanning

    Have a good finish to your pilgrimage and be safe!


  3. Hmmmm….Did you succumb to the aroma of fresh bread? Safe and joyful travels!!


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