Triacastela to Sarria…

June 11th…today’s trek was shorter that usual, but Glenn said it still seemed long. Lots of climbing up and down again. The first hour was foggy and cold, for which he was glad. The coming heat was delayed a bit.

Best double check the map. Signage can be confusing!

Breakfast was at a welcoming “donativo”. A home and shelter where snacks can be picked up for a donation by pilgrims.

The road was temporarily closed to due a cow crossing.
A place where the calves are separated from the moms…a part of the veal industry in the region.
Sarria in the distance.
Accommodation for tonight. A room with a queen and a twin.
And a delicious meal!

Glenn plans to meet Sara at the train station tomorrow afternoon. They will spend two nights in Sarria to acclimate and get Sara’s passport before beginning the last 100 kilometers.

Buen camino!

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