Villafranca Del Bierzo to Herrerías…

June 9th…Today’s journey was fairly flat and uneventful. Walking on a good path, next to the highway for awhile. Passed a few small towns, many beautiful gardens, and ate ice cream twice. One blister causing some pain, but working through it. A pretty good day all in all.

This dog was going crazy about something they sensed on the other side of the road. When Glenn asked his owner about it, he said that he spotted a wild javelina in the bushes across the road.
These two statues seemed to be popular figures in many yards and veggie patches.
Glenn was excited to find his albergue the first building on the left in town.
Delightful patio with a view. Enjoyed lunch with his friends, Derrick and Clare. No laundry service, but they did provide nice drying racks for guests on a terrace. Between the wind and sun, clothes dried in no time!

Tomorrow begins another 18 mile day with the first 10 climbing. He’s planning on an early start to beat the heat, which gets to the upper 80’s by noon.

2 responses to “Villafranca Del Bierzo to Herrerías…”

  1. Enjoy your posts

    Do you have trouble with sleeping accommodations? Do you make reservations in advance?


    1. Hi, Maryellen. Glenn started out his trip booking the first five days from SJPDP and the last days from Sarria to Santiago. He had the stages thought out, but wasn’t sure how he might need to adjust his pace. He ended up booking 3-4 days ahead. And was glad he did, because some places are getting fully booked at this time of year. He did stay in a few bunk room hostels, but found he wasn’t sleeping well enough. So his usual accommodation is a private room with private or shared bath. For peace of mind, consider booking well ahead.


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