Foncebadón to Ponferrada…

At Cruz Ferro

As predicted, today June 7th, started with more climbing up to Cruz Ferro, the second highest point on the Camino Francés route. Once there, it is tradition to leave a rock token brought from home. A laying down of something dear. This can have many different meanings and is as individual in nature as each pilgrim. Glenn first laid down four small rocks, one for each grandchild. Then, one for his wife and two daughters. Finally, one for himself. A kind traveler took his phone and recorded some of this for him. If you thought if was emotional, you’d be right. If you thought it was a mixture of exhaustion, release, and gratitude, you’d be right again. Praise God!

Another beautiful sunrise!
Native plants along the trail.
Beginning the long rocky trail down…
One of the more unusual albergues on the trail, run by a gentleman who fancies himself the last of the Templars.
First cheeseburger with fries on this trip!
A welcome rest before continuing on.
Tonight rest stop.

Glenn said that the Hotel Nirvana was a bit off the path, but worth it. Very modern and clean. He also wanted to relate a nice surprise this morning…when he checked out of the hotel in Foncebadón, the bill for a private room, dinner, and breakfast was 37 euros. What!

Buen camino, Glenn!

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