Astorga rest…

Astorga provided another great spot for an extra day of rest. Anchored by a magnificent cathedral, it also has the flourish of the Bishop’s Palace by famed architect, Antoni Gaudi. His accommodation, Hotel Gaudi, was right across the plaza from this beauty. He toured the cathedral on Saturday. But again found that almost everything closed down on Sundays. Finding a bar open for lunch and he enjoyed the traditional potato and egg tortilla. He fared better at dinner, served at the hotel…with a pig’s knuckle plate and ice cream for dessert.

The photos are many and show his traveling on the way to Astorga. Then many photos of the town and cathedral.

He passed by a medieval fair setting up. Clouds and threatening rain all day.
Bishop’s Palace

The next photos are just a few from Glenn’s tour of the Astorga cathedral.

Hotel Gaudi

Rain is expected tomorrow. With a 16 mile day with hills to climb, he’s decided to ship his backpack on ahead. Buen camino, Glenn!

2 responses to “Astorga rest…”

  1. Carole Fanning Avatar
    Carole Fanning

    Beautiful pictures.


  2. Amazing what he is able to do on his iPhone!


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