León to Villavante…

Feeling more human today, so I’m trying to catch up with Glenn. This was his journey on June 3rd (I think). Regardless, it was a long hike, made longer (almost 20 miles) trying to find his albergue for the night. Definitely not on the road and a short, steep climb up a railroad embankment to have a look around. Nothing memorable about the walk except the friendly company of a German woman he’d met a few times before. Made the boring even pleasant.

You can see by the photos, once the accommodation was found, it was a delight! From the hosts, to the restaurant, the stream, the room, gardens, even the exotic fowls.

Pretty much the scenery today.
700 down, 300 to go!
At last, the town for tonight’s rest.
While not on the beaten path, Molino Galochas was a delightful find!
Molino in Spanish means mill.
Perfect spot for a water driven mill.

And more storks!

Tomorrow the post will be about his two days in Astorga. Buen camino, Glenn!

2 responses to “León to Villavante…”

  1. billfischbeck Avatar


    We sure hope you are feeling better. And you can’t blame getting the Covid on Glenn!! Let us know if we can do anything for you….just up the road you know.

    We have very much enjoyed the daily reports from the road….thank you for letting all of us share this journey with the two of you. I have to say, I am an avid hiker but I cannot imagine slogging 17 miles a day, days on end, at my age….or Glenns! What a trooper. I have done chunks of the PCT but only in short spurts. I really have not figured out how you entertain yourself when walking alone for so long…..especially when the terrain is monotonous. He has some kinda discipline.

    Thanks so much….God bless to you both….and let us know if you would like to get dinner one of these days when you feel better and are still home alone.

    Bill and Marilee


    1. Hi, Bill! Thank for checking in…I’m getting there. It’s now just a cold. Your kind offer is much appreciated but family is close and taking good care of me, if at a distance. He’s hanging in there. Each day has its challenges. Tomorrow he has the steepest climb, since the Pyrenees, to Cruz de Ferro. The Iron Cross. While arduous, it’s meaningful and something he’s been building toward this whole journey. Greetings to you and Marilee!


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