A day in Leon…

So the blog has been silent for a couple of days…Glenn’s fine and making progress on his journey. I’m in bed with CoVid and feeling pretty yucky. When I finally sat up to look at photos he’s been sending, I admit I’m lost. During our morning phone calls I usually take notes to share with the photos. Wasn’t able to do that the last two days. But I do know he is in Astorga today and has another day there tomorrow. The photos for now are from his extra time in León. He toured a really impressive, inspiring cathedral. Ate lots of ice cream and had all his clothes (except what he was wearing) wash and dried for 9 euro. I do remember that he said he was glad he’d stopped at a Pilgrim’s info kiosk on the way into town and got good directions for how to reconnect with the camino on the way out. He said it seemed like miles just to get out of town in the morning.

Lots of gorgeous stained glass. And he’s getting to be quite the videographer!

Not exactly sure where this was taken, but you can see that he’s well and enjoying his time on the Camino.

2 responses to “A day in Leon…”

  1. Carole Fanning Avatar
    Carole Fanning

    Such gorgeous pics. Glenn looks good and heathy.
    Lynda sending you wellness vibes and hope you up and about soon. Take your time.❤️


  2. Cathy & Jim Metts Avatar
    Cathy & Jim Metts

    Lynda, we’re so sorry to hear of your infection…praying for you and your family as we pray for Glenn. Thank you for sending along his beautiful photos.


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