Mansilla de las Mulas to León…

Today was mentally hard. Glenn said he knew it was only an 11 mile walk, but it was pretty boring and most of the trail was right next to a highway….not very scenic. It was a good time of quiet reflection and prayer. He also knew that León would provide a much needed extra day of rest, which he started with a 2 hour nap after he checked in this afternoon. It was also a real boost to see that there were at least three ice cream shops nearby his hostel.

The day started with another gorgeous sunrise, which he has to turn around and take the photo. It rises in the east as he travels west.

These scallop shell markers on the path can be found in some cities…to guide the way out of town. Smaller towns have hand painted yellow arrows on wooden signs. All are helpful.
Some nice cloud cover helped with the heat today. He wanted to be done with the walk by noon.
León in the distance
He’d seen nests before today, but these had actual residents! Storks
León is a large city and it took along time to walk into the center.
With a magnificent cathedral and plaza
And great accommodations just a few steps away. The Hostal Albany

A little side story. Glenn usually calls me between 8-9 am every day. I’m up and he’s done walking for the day and all checked in to his place for the night…waiting for dinnertime. Today, he called me from outside the hostel and needed to move into a narrow side alley to get out of the wind. Two fun things happened…a couple, Tim and Cathy, from Dana Point, California greeted him and said they are staying at the same place for two nights. He had met them a couple of times along the camino. And he looks forward to some good conversation with them. And he discovered some cool murals on the walls of the alley way.

Rest well, Glenn. You are two-thirds of your way to Santiago! Buen camino!

2 responses to “Mansilla de las Mulas to León…”

  1. We look forward everyday to these posts and photos. We are enjoying the journey with you!


  2. Lonnie McGrath Avatar
    Lonnie McGrath

    Denny and I are enjoying traveling along with your journey. Very long hike!
    Lonnie and Denny McGrath


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