Calzadilla de los Hermanillos to Mansilla de las Mulas…

May 31st… Glenn had an almost 15 mile walk today with no services for the first 11 of those. He as glad he bought some nuts and fruit to get him through the morning. Cheryl and Allison, two Canadians he’d met before, caught up with him. He serenaded them with the hymn he’d been singing.

“Good morning, Lord, it’s great to see the sun again. Good morning, Lord, it’s great to walk with you again…”

As they continued to walk together, they traded old Sunday School songs like, “This Little Light of Mine.”

At the 11 mile mark, very quirky little”Elvis” bar appeared. The entertaining bartender served up a cold Coke to have with his gorp snack and lots of fun decorations covering the walls. A nice little stop.

The bartender put on a real show and dance getting Glenn his coke
He said mile after mile of rocky road took a toll on his ankles today.
Finally, the sign for tonight’s stay.
Each town seems to have its own unique way to honor those on The Way.

Glenn did relate a story about an accommodation mix up that had him worried. He’d let a previous hotel book an albergue in this town and was told it was all set. When he arrived, he was told there was no reservation and they were full. The camino is certainly getting much more busy as summer approaches. They sent him to another one and after waiting a long time for the owner to show up, it too was fully booked. Maybe it was his discouraged look, but she said “just a minute” and reached high up on the board of room keys and took one down. She led him to a door in the corner of the dining room and opened it up to a very small room with a bath. Evidently, it was for the handicapped. Needless to say he was relieved as this was a tiny town with not a lot of options. And the thought of walking on to the next town was something he wasn’t looking forward to either. Thank you, Lord, for your provision and the kindness of strangers at La Casa de los Soportales (arches)!

Oh, and all I could find out about Mansilla de las Mulas is something about mules. Mansilla appears to be a family name. Anyone have ideas?

Tomorrow journey is only 11 miles and he’s very much looking forward to a two night layover of rest and exploring beautiful León.

Buen camino, Glenn!

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