Terradillos de los Templarios to Calzadilla de los Hermanillos…

May 30th… today Glenn walked about 16.5 miles to a very small town of about 100 people and 5 children. Many empty homes that a few more people return to during the summer months. The name gives honor to the Benedictine monks sent here to build an Ermita (hermitage) centuries ago. “Little Shoes of the Little Brothers”.

While he walked mostly solo today, he was not alone. Again crossed paths with people he had met before, including Cynthia from Italy, whom he enjoyed eating breakfast with this morning. She and her companion walked at a faster pace, and soon were a speck in the distance. He said the road was both beautiful and a bit boring.

A spectacular sunrise start to the day’s journey…

He wasn’t sure about the intent of these cheerful knitted flags at this church, but it was fun to appreciate the work.

Again, Glenn was very enthusiastic about the friendly, well-run accommodation for tonight. The Casa El Cura is owned by a hardworking couple and is also the home the wife grew up in. They cooked and served a great three course dinner in the attached restaurant that had artifacts and photos of her family’s farm. Including the huge photo of her grandfather on a horse wagon in the dining room. Glenn thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the company of other Americans and Canadians.

The owners of Casa El Cura, Gemma and Lio

Buen camino, Glenn!

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