Boadilla to Carrión de los Condes…

Okay, I have to start with the meaning of Carrión de los Condes, the town where he’s staying tonight….and I looked it up. Basically, “the rotting flesh of the Counts.” Some legend of El Cid and his daughters, who married some counts in this area, who then tried to rob him. Bad idea.

Glenn didn’t sleep well last night and got up at 5:00 to get started on the 15 mile walk today. Another beautiful sunrise. The beginning of the day included a diverting 3 miles along a canal…The Canal de Castilla. The path was mostly flat, smooth, and with the wind at his back. A good day. He arrived around 1 PM before the heat got bad. The clerk at the hostel gave him a nice choice of a room on the plaza or one at the back. He chose the quieter one, of course. He enjoyed an early dinner at a restaurant on the plaza with other peregrinos.

He did say that he is mindful of what amenities are on the road each day (as best he can). He’ll have six miles tomorrow before there is an option for breakfast. Sundays are a bit tricky, as he learned shops either open much later or are closed all day. So he went to the small grocer in town and picked up some OJ, apples, M&Ms to mix in with some cashews. These provide needed energy along the way.

He told me that tomorrow he will pass the half way point on this camino.

I told him to be sure and take a photo!

But tonight, comfortable accommodations right on the main plaza.

5 responses to “Boadilla to Carrión de los Condes…”

  1. Laurie Roeder Avatar
    Laurie Roeder

    Once again, stunning photos! Does Glenn have some psalms or other Scriptures that accompany him each day? Blessings!


    1. He has hymns and praise music on his iPhone he listens to and sings along.


  2. Larry and Jean Nelson Avatar
    Larry and Jean Nelson

    We are thoroughly enjoying your account of Glenn’s travels. Almost halfway!! Brings back good memories of our time in Spain in the 80’s. Buen camino, Glenn! Larry and Jean

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Carole Fanning Avatar
    Carole Fanning

    Every day I am amazed what Glenn is doing. May he be safe on his travels and thank you for sharing pictures.


    1. Thank you, Carole! Prayers are very welcome.


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