Hontanas to Boadilla…

A late posting today…for some reason only one photo uploaded onto our home computer from Glenn’s phone. Until late tonight.
You can see he got another early sunrise start on today’s journey of 17.5 miles. Through some beautiful fields of red poppies and farms.

Passed by the ruins of a convent along the way.

Time out for a hearty pasta lunch.

Arriving at Boadilla for a grateful rest.
Hotel “En El Camino” where Glenn was in a room with 18 twin beds on the top floor. The clerk told him it was the best place for people who were serious about sleeping. Hmmm….

Hope the clerk was right! Buen camino, Glenn!

2 responses to “Hontanas to Boadilla…”

  1. Not sure if Glenn gets to see the reply on here but way to go Glenn!!! So proud of you! Those red poppies are great. Love you lots and pray for continued safety and great adventure!!!

    Jeanie B


    1. ❤️he does check into the blog every few days. Thanks for your prayers.


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