Burgos to Hontanas…

May 26th…as we talked this morning, Glenn related his experiences with the importance of signage on the camino. He was very glad he had scouted out last night, the way out of Burgos and back onto the path. Most of the time there are signs, but they are not uniform, high up, down low, or a big hidden by foliage. He met up with a group of Italians and one young woman dropped back to walk with Glenn for awhile. She shared another map app that he was able to download that seemed more helpful.
One welcome sign noted only 501 kilometers to go to Santiago!
Although this was a 19.5 kilometer day, he said it was beautiful. Wind at his back, cloud cover til noon, and walking through fields and valleys of waving green grass.
The first photo up today is actually of last night’s dinner. Good salad, okay pizza. “Not Venice Pizza.”

Friend who helps with pointing you in the right direction.
Notice the word ULTREIA at the bottom of this sign…it was another older greeting between pilgrims back in the day…means something like “go farther” or “go higher”.

Lots of encouragement along the way.

Awed by this sight.
Glenn’s quote of the day… the poppies brighten the day despite the clouds. Asking God to be a poppy.
Dinner and a bed for the night ahead!
The surprise was he couldn’t see the town nestled in a valley until he crested a small hill.

He’s feeling good. Says his feet are barking the last couple of miles, but that goes away as soon as he takes off this shoes.
Buen camino, Glenn! Ultra!

2 responses to “Burgos to Hontanas…”

  1. Cathy & Jim Metts Avatar
    Cathy & Jim Metts

    We were at Venice Pizza the other night, toasting Glenn and Lynda! Can’t wait to get back there with you two and hear more about your adventure. Until then, Ultria!!


  2. We’ll look forward to that!!


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