May 25th…I spoke with Glenn this morning and he expressed gratitude for the extra rest. Slept in late and had an afternoon siesta, too. Explored the beautiful town and did some chores. Checked into a Vodafone store to see when his contract was up and was pleased to learn it would last til he got to Sarria. He can renew it there. Google Translator was his friend during his interactions with the helpful clerk in the store. He will tuck in early tonight for another predawn alarm. He’s already scouted out the way out of town to join the camino again. Tomorrow is a 19 plus mile trek and he’s planning to use the transport service for his backpack again. The camino is always your camino he said. Whether you are religious or not, individual goals or challenges, walk, bike, push a stroller, pull a cart, or limp…as you travel, you make it your own way. The other night, a young woman of about 30 joined Glenn and Joe at the dinner table. Andrea was from Germany and in advertising. They had been passing each other all day along the trail. She commented on her heavy pack that had supplies for her prothesis. When she stood up, Glenn could see for the first time her prosthetic leg.

He always appreciates a Coca Cola sign!
Exploring the large city of Burgos
The huge cathedral. He said it reminded him of Reims in sheer size.
Snaps inside the cathedral.

23 stamps in his passport so far.

Thank you for the great rest stop, Burgos! Buen camino, Glenn!

2 responses to “Burgos…”

  1. Carole Fanning Avatar
    Carole Fanning

    Thanks for the update and great pictures. Continued safe travels Glenn.


  2. Jeanne Hancock Avatar
    Jeanne Hancock

    We are enjoying your journey on the camino and all the photos of the beautiful country! We continue to pray for safe travels and daily strength for you. May you feel God’s peace and presence! Jim and Jeanne


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