Villafranca Montes de Oca to Cardeñuela Riopico…

Although today was a bit shorter, only 15 miles, it was slow going due to the up and down climbing made more tricky with a rocky trail. Thank goodness for sturdy poles. A nice cloud cover and cooler temperatures helped with the comfort of the walk. Glenn was joined again by his new friend, Joe, and good conversation was a bonus. They are staying in the same albuerge and share a room for seven people. When I spoke with him today, no one else had joined them yet. The hotel offered both a dinner and breakfast option which is always a good deal. The room was 12 Euros, a pilgrim menu of three courses was 12 (and delicious), and breakfast is another 3. Total = 27 Euros !!

Tomorrow will be another 6 AM start to the walk, but much shorter. He said it’s expected to rain, so he’s going to try wearing the rain pants and rain cover for his pack.

Visitor at the rest stop.
Walking companion, Joe, from Kansas
Standing stones at Atapuerco. It’s commemorating a 1054 battle between two kings who were brothers. Also at Atapuerco…a large archeological dig of early human occupation, a World Heritage site.
Reminders along the way that even though people walk it for many personal reasons, it was first a religious pilgrimage.
Always a welcome sight! A town map of your place of rest tonight.

Buen camino, Glenn!

2 responses to “Villafranca Montes de Oca to Cardeñuela Riopico…”

  1. Carole Fanning Avatar
    Carole Fanning

    Amazed everyday for the amazing trek you are on. And pictures are wonderful. Safe travels.


    1. Thanks, Carole! I’ll relay your good wishes to him.


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