Nájera to Grañon…

Did you notice something different in the title today?? Spanish often uses accent marks and tildes in words. So I did a little research on how to create these marks on a traditional keyboard with a Mac. So easy! Each is slightly different, but both make use of the “option” key. I think this is the first time I’ve every pressed this key, at least on purpose.

The first photos are of another sunrise start to his walk. It continues to get very hot into the afternoon and he had another long trek today. I think he has another two night rest stop in a couple of more days in Burgos.

His daily routine after checking into his accommodation is to shower, do laundry by hand and set it out to dry. Today he has a small balcony. Rest a bit, get a snack. Dinner is often late. Many places close in the afternoon and don’t open up again for dinner until 7 or 8 PM. He wishes it were earlier so he could get settled to sleep and be ready for another predawn alarm.

Much of today’s trail was this imbedded rock.

One the way, he met this very nice young couple from Arkansa walking the camino. He enjoyed talking with them for awhile. Under the cover were two napping kiddos, a three year old and a five month old. Not sure how much of the camino they were planning to do. Safe travels!

Finally! Today’s destination!
Gee, Rome is only 1757 kilometers away

Always enjoyable exploring the small towns and appreciating the local color!

Buen camino, Glenn!

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