Torres de Rio to Logrono…

Let’s talk communication for a bit. Glenn did his research before leaving and felt the best way to go with the phone was to purchase a SIM card. He bought through Orange and paid for an inexpensive data plan. It worked great for about a week and quit suddenly. He found a Vodafone store and bought another one and paid $15 for a one month plan. No problem, so far. He gets a new phone number that I use to WhatsApp with him. No cost, no data as long as we both have WiFi. We use this most of the time with an occasional phone call from him. He also sends a text here and there. All I can say is I am thrilled to be able to hear something from him every day!

So, today’s journey was relatively short…12 miles. He got a very early start just at sunrise. Spent an hour talking with an architecture student from Kansas that made the time go by quickly. He arrived at today’s destination before 1:00PM. Met up with three peregrinos he met on his first day. Said this is not unusual, as people stop and start at a different places and will cross paths again on the way. He enjoyed seeing them and was meeting them to go to a Mass at a nearby church. His accommodation tonight is another traditional albergue dorm room with ten other people, clean but tight.

This first photo is from last night…a “pilgrim dinner” offered at many albergues and restaurants in every town on the camino. An inexpensive set menu.

Leaving town at sunrise
Viana is about half way in today’s walk.
“The Camino de Santiago is done in stages”
becomes “is done by eating more tapas!!”

4 responses to “Torres de Rio to Logrono…”

  1. Hi Glenn, I feel like I am sharing your trip with you. Your preparation is paying off – 18 miles followed by 12 the next day! Thanks for a note every day and all of the pictures. A trip of a life time. We’ll want to hear all about it when you get back. Blessing to you – Jim M.


    1. Glenn said to let you know that when he checked into the small hotel today, the host handed him a cold beer. Now that’s service!


  2. Doing great job Lynda and Glenn 0


    1. Thanks! The photo are pretty great and he’s feeling good.


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