Estella to Torres de Rio..

After a two night rest in Estella, Glenn said he was ready to tackle the 18 plus mile hike today. Talked with him and he is very tired, but made it in good time. He left this morning about 6:45 and was checked into his hotel room about 4PM Spain time, with a stop along the way for breakfast. He did send his backpack on ahead and said it was a good call today. He’s grateful for a private room tonight with bath. 45 Euros well spent.

A few miles out of Estella.
The infamous public vino/agua fountain. Sadly no beer.
This is what your scallop shell is for.
Breakfast on the way…a Spanish egg/potato pie, or tortilla, which he said was delicious. And of course a chocolate pastry.

Example of good signage before entering towns.
Today’s destination. Fortunately his hotel was near the entrance to town.
No wandering around searching for it.
A portion of Torres de Rio is up on a hill.

One response to “Estella to Torres de Rio..”

  1. Laurie Roeder Avatar
    Laurie Roeder

    Love the agua/vino fountain! I wonder if people bring their liter bottle and fill it up?
    Glad Glenn can find his Coca-Cola. May God go with you every step along the way!


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