Puente de Reina to Estella…

On Monday, May 16, Glenn traveled from Puente de Reina to Estella, where he is enjoying an extra day of rest in this beautiful town. Photos are of the trail and town views.

This is his place for two nights. Only 665 kilometers to go!!
His breakfast this morning, served with a traditional diet Coke.
He spent time in this church enjoying the solitude and contemplation.

Estella! A beautiful respite for Glenn. Getting ready to tackle another 18 mile day early tomorrow morning, which he’d like to finish by 2 PM.

Buen Camino, Glenn!

10 responses to “Puente de Reina to Estella…”

  1. I am being bless ….thanks for taking so many of along on the journey!


    1. Thanks for following along, Zan!


  2. Beautiful photos, Glenn — and most thought-provoking blessing for travelers on The Way!


    1. They are great, aren’t they? He uses his iPhone and they upload right onto our home computer. It’s an iCloud thing.


  3. Laurie Roeder Avatar
    Laurie Roeder

    Love all the photos!
    I feel that I am walking along the way with Glenn.
    He continues to be in my prayers.


    1. Glad you are enjoying these!


  4. Is Glenn traveling with a personal supply of Diet Coke? Thanks for all the updates and photos!


    1. He would if he could! He’s been able to find it along the way. And a cold beer or two!


  5. Some of these photos could almost have been taken in France… reminds us how European history evolved…


    1. His iPhone photos are really good, aren’t they? We were delighted to learn that they upload automatically to our photo library. An iCloud thing, I think. Hope you all are well. I’m meeting Glenn in Madrid June 20 to celebrate, then Barcelona, then back to France and Lyon for four days.


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