Roncesvalles to Urdaniz…

Another hard walk up and down today…a bit of a surprise! But great beauty along the way.

Lots of horses through Burguete area.
And lots of sheep!

Let’s try out a video…

Always take care of your feet!

And always enjoy a tasty dinner with fellow peregrinos at the day’s end.

Tonight is the first time Glenn will “enjoy” a dorm style accommodation…

or an albergue in Spanish. Ear plugs are a necessity.

2 responses to “Roncesvalles to Urdaniz…”

  1. Laurie Roeder Avatar
    Laurie Roeder

    Keeping you in prayer!
    Yes, take care of your feet. Our friends who have walked the Camino say to change into dry socks at midday.
    Go with God, in His Grace


    1. Thanks, Laurie! Prayers appreciated!


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